OEM / ODM Services


From scratch to market display shelves, we provide 1 STOP SERVICE: products in Gel, Liquid, Powder, and under PRIVATE or CUSTOMER LABEL.
Whether you are looking for an efficient and reliable
OEM or ODM partnership, functional formulations, or bulk material purchasing, Hantech will work in close collaboration with you to provide products meeting your specifications and quality expectations.

Contact us today on your requirements.

The Advantages and features

1. The Source of Materials
Follow the strict national policies, Hantech secures every material must come with Certificate of Analysis or other official test reports to enhance the quality of products.  Safety is Our Priority.

2. Nature
Dedicated to remaining the nutrition and natural flavor of materials without added preservatives, chemical acidifying treatments, high salt ,and high sugar. Boost your " BRAND IMAGE.”

3. Professional Commercial Sterilization
Certificated operators are rigorous in every single process. Safety first, Quantity and Quality guaranteed.

4. Lower the Costs (Reduce costs); Be Competitive
Saving up to 60% on packaging materials, 50% on delivery fee and warehouse space due to its compact size. Multi-laminated pouch design is strong and flexible enough to protect products from environmental and physical hazards during transportation and storage. A cost-effective solution is HERE in Hantech!

5. Eco & Consumer friendly
Each pouch consumes fewer resources to produce and also cuts down more carbon footprint than other common types. Just a pocket size, it also fits into any lifestyle from outdoor to indoor.

6. Design & Find Your Niches
Packaging design is critical to your product's success!
Hantech is driven by constant innovation and committed to providing a wide range of customizable designs, formulations , attractive shapes, suitable size with medical-grade materials in response to customer's needs and the dynamic marketplace. Adding features such as recognizable logos, graphics even nutrition factors are key to Make Your Brand Stand Out.