Micro and Nano Pearl Powder

國際ISO9001品質管理認證 ‧ 國際ISO22000食品安全認證 ‧ 國際HACCP食品安全管制認證

                          The Gift of Nature

About Hantech Nano Pearl Powder

· World Leading Patented Pearl Grinding Technique
· Certificated Micro and Nano Grade Pearl Powder
· ISO2200, ISO 9001, HALA, HACCP, Safety and Quality Certification
· Sourced From Pristine Fresh-waters

We take proud that we provide superior pearl power and have 80% market share in Taiwan due to our Patented Liquid Nitrogen Grinding Technique retaining pearl’s intact Amino Acids, Trace Elements and bioavailable calcium. On average, our micro grade pearl powder is around 2.22 micrometer and the other one is about 542 nanometer.

As a major supplier, we cooperated with numbers of professors and institutions for further pearl researches supporting its positive effect on external and internal usages. Before to consumer’s end, each raw material must be certificated by a third-party authority that advocates our spirit that quality comes in first Place. This is why we are ahead of others.

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                    The Benefit of Pearl Powder

♦ Skin Repair
Researches indicate that pearl powder promotes wound healing and reduce skin damage caused by physical and environmental hazards in time due to its abilities to regulate repaired-related pathways. (Fibroblast mitosis, collagen deposition, and so on) Rich in amino acids and trace elements, pearl also provide the essential materials for skin repairing and regeneration.

♦ Anti-Aging
Free radical makes a major contribution to cell damage, leading a range of degenerative diseases and causing symptoms of aging, such as skin wrinkles, sag, stretch and blotchy. Pearl powder enhances the activity of SOD, one of the body’s strongest antioxidant enzymes, fighting oxidative stress and protect DNA and it thoroughly removes melanin or pigmentation, thus to make skin whiter and brighter.

♦ Whitening and Rosy
Taking pearl powder as a long-term supplement enhances skin collagen production and skin regeneration which gives skin its elasticity and results in a bouncier, smoother and lighter skin with rosy tone and texture.
Furthermore, one special protein in pearl called “Conchiolin ” is able to heal blemishes, improve hydration of skin cells and reduce skin’s pigmentation generated. result in.

♦ Cosmetic Applications
By our Patented Liquid Nitrogen Grinding Technique, Hantech provides micro and nano grade pearl powder which allowed its extensive usages including soft exfoliation, skin radiance, face masks, face and body remineralization, etc.